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View Some of Sublime’s Before & After Branding Projects

Central Oregon Health Collaborative

CHALLENGE: Central Oregon Health Collaborative is a critical hub for area health professionals involved in transforming the health care system into the most functional and inclusionary model possible. The organization needed a highly-specific professional brand with a medical feel, but that did not appear to be a hospital or health care provider, as much as a gathering place and welcoming forum for leading medical decision makers. Such a brand, including logo, name, and tagline were needed within a tight deadline.


COBRA | Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance

CHALLENGE: COBRA has been around for just over 30 years. They are a very well-known service organization. However, brand confusion and misunderstandings about the nature of the organization were significant problems. Being associated with a venomous snake or transitional insurance coverage was not how they wanted to be referenced. Back in the 70’s, awareness needed to be raised for battering and rape, but the words carry a very negative connotation. We felt with the progression of awareness over the past 30 years, we could portray a more positive message. We wanted an uplifting message and feeling when hearing/saying the name. We wanted “hope” to resonate with all audiences, whether it was the victims, grantors, community partners, health care professionals, donors, volunteers or the private citizens.


COPS | Central Oregon Partnership

CHALLENGE: COP had history of a dysfunctional Board, a business plan that didn’t work and negative PR that necessitated immediate attention. The new self-appointed Board and new staff team presented a great opportunity to re-brand. With just six employees, they need to leverage and create partnerships. Need succinct explanation here of what PEP does, as an organization.


CORHA | Central Oregon Regional Housing Authority

CHALLENGE: CORHA was another nebulous Central Oregon acronym. The organization’s name and tagline made for a hard-to-remember mouthful. Their old logo had gained the tongue-in-cheek moniker the “peeing man.” This group does so many wonderful things to promote affordable housing. There were some misperceptions we needed to over come where section 8 was concerned; managing community feelings with housing developments was key. All-access housing was the goal. There were four main elements to this project. 1.) Craft a new name for CORHA; 2.) Create more positive and memorable name recognition; 3.) Better convey CORHA’s work and mission; eliminating confusion with other organizations and 4.) Start fresh with key audiences.



Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

CHALLENGE: The Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon has been a critical non-profit in the area for over 40 years, yet, very few Central Oregon residents know what they are, what they do and why they are here. Their previous brand had no roots or meaning to anyone in the organization and did not resonate with the public. The Foundation was not on the radar screen of potential donors, volunteers or supporters and had very little presence in Bend.