William, I love it! I opened the file with a bit of ambivalence, kind of bracing myself in case I didn’t like it, thinking about the next steps and how long that would take…but I actually gasped when I saw our new logo because it turned out so good! I can’t wait to show my partners and get their feedback. Thank you so much!

Jill Freund

Shelf Life Books

It was important to me to work with a professional group that listened and responded to my needs. Working with Sublime Creative Agency was fun and effective. Together we came up with amazing materials that are distinctive and clearly represent my company.

Melissa Eaton

Language Institute of Central Oregon.

Sublime is personable, flexible, ethical, accommodating and multi-talented. This is very important to a non-profit business like ours that functions on a tight budget and yet has complex marketing needs. Marketing is an on-going process; therefore, a good marketing agency must understand the core value of that business to cultivate long-term marketing goals, as Sublime does.

Urmi Boyd

Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

In the latter part of 2007, we sat down with Mosaic’s management and talked about the need to reposition their organization. That repositioning would primarily take the form of re-branding, which would include a new name, new tag line, new mission statement, and the development of a targeted marketing program. Thanks to the fine work of Sublime Creative Agency, this was accomplished by the summer of 2008, and out longstanding silent partner quickly broke out of its silence. People began to listen.

What a successful partnership it has been – for us and for the people we serve! This fiscal year, Mosaic Medical is on track to record 47,000 natient visits, up from 29,000 the year before. That’s a mind-boggling 62% increase in patient visits, a huge increase by anyone’s standards.

June, 2009 Newsletter

The Partnership to End Poverty

Excellent job on this, SDG team: Great research, in-depth, and a testament to quality in both thought and content. Thanks for your fine work on this and rapid turn-around…all without losing the message or the level of quality that I think we all aspire to uphold in our work. You are quickly proving that one does not need a typical over-bloated, over-charging ad agency to get a job done and done with high quality.

Chris Pollard

AirLink Critical Care Transport Director

Original ideas come from original thinking people, those gifted folks who bring fresh, intense focus on a new problem and solve it in a burst of inspiration. We have benefited from such talent, working with Sublime Creative Agency.

Greg Steckler

LogRhythms, Inc.

Taking a business to a higher level in reaching its customers requires an experienced guide. We have benefited greatly from Sublime Creative Agency in this regard.

Darrel Wilson

Opportunity Foundation

Please change one word in your draft media release. Change the word ‘very’ to ‘extremely,’ so that my quote reads: ‘Director Jim Schell says that he is extremely happy with the process and outcomes of our rebranding with Sublime Creative Agency.’ Once more, you have under-committed and over-delivered. I love to work with people like that!

Jim Schell

Partnership to End Poverty Executive Director

YOU DID IT!!! The board unanimously approved our new name! They all loved it!! We are so impressed with the work that all of you do and appreciate the ‘hand holding’ you have done for us.

Charla DeHate

Mosaic Medical Executive Director

Amazing job on the AirLink re-brand and marketing! You took on an impossible deadline and nailed it! You told us what you would do and then did it without a hitch. Please pass on kudos to all of your staff. You have confirmed our choice of Sublime over all the other agencies that submitted rfps and our desire to pursue a long-term working relationship with you.

Tim Bricker

Cascade Healthcare Community Vice President