Deschutes County – Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention


The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention is a coalition of community partners whose mission is to foster excellence among Bend Area youth by reducing substance abuse through community education, mobilization and policy.

Vision : drug free youth achieving excellence

Mission : to foster excellence among Bend Area youth by reducing substance abuse through community education, mobilization and policy

Target : focused primarily on school aged youth and young adults (18-25 year olds), the program seeks toaddress the environments with which this population lives, works, studies and plays.  The Alliance and youth are looking to develop a youth name and brand that can help market substance
abuse prevention and education materials, like the drug refusal skills video and the mORe campaign, which reaches middle and high school students. In addition, the Alliance is considering developing a platform that can be used as a resource for youth to access viable information around substance abuse.

The Alliance expressed an interest in developing a name and brand identity for the youth program. Sublime was tasked to develop a name and identity to reflect the brand essence of the youth alliance group and associated initiatives.